Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Joulupallo Dahlvik Ab Oy cherish your integrity and privacy. We strive for that you will have a safe feeling placing when you place your order in our webshop. Here we will inform you about how we handle your personal information that you share with us and what your rights are.

Who is responsible for handling your personal information?

Joulupallo Dahlvik Ab Oy, business ID 3280999-8, are responsible for the process of your personal information when we use your data for our own purposes.

If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal information, or if you want to use some of your rights, you can contact us by email at: , or call us on our phone number +358 45 86 98 986
Our address is Bråtövägen 74, 68500 Kronoby, Finland.

We process your personal information for:

– Processing your purchase or order
– Communicate with you about your order, for example send you a order confirmation, and send you information about how your order and shipping proceed.
-Give you personalized ads in digital channels.
-Help you through customer service and fulfill our obligations stated by law, such as
-Order cancellation, reclaims and comply with the accounting laws.

Stated below you find more information about how and why we process your personal information. We will describe what rights you have to impact our data processing. You can for example at any time oppose marketing. We will also describe what our legal basis are for the processing of your personal information and for how long we save your data.

Which personal information do we process?

-Personal information (such as street address, postal code and city, email address, and phone number)
-Order information (What you have ordered)
-Payment information
-browsing information on our website
-Order history
-Geographical location

Who has the access to your personal data?

Your personal information are mainly processed by us working at Joulupallo Dahlvik Ab Oy.

We will however share your personal information as following:

To keep a functioning IT system and to run our business in a effective way, we will share your data with our IT supplier. If we share your information with our IT supplier, it is only done because that they will be able to fulfill their obligations towards our company.

To process your order we share your personal data with our payment service provider. If you are paying by invoice or credit, the payment service provider can share your information with a credit information service to estimate your economical situation.

To deliver and handle your shipping and possible returns, we will share your information with the shipping company that you choose when placing your order.

We can also share your information with external organizations that help us administer our advertising trough digital channels.

Do we share your information outside the EU/ESS?

We do not in general share your information outside the EU/ESS. It might however be necessary to share your information outside EU/ESS if you place an order fron a country outside EU/ESS and we share your information with the shipping companies that handle the delivery of your order.

How can you impact on the processing of your information?

You do have, according to the data protection legislation, some rights to impact on how we process your personal information.

You do have the right to cancel a part of or the whole agreement on the processing of your personal information.

You do have the right to object on that your personal information are used to marketing purposes, such as newsletters and customized advertising. You have the right to choose to not accept newsletters and can at any time cancel your newsletter prenumeration.

You also have the right to get the information on how we process your personal information, for what purposes, and for how long your personal information is stored. You can also get a copy of the personal information that are processed by us.

You have the right to correct faulty information and to complete half done information.

You have the right to demand that Joulupallo Dahlvik Ab Oy delete your personal information, if the personal information is not needed for the purposes they are collected for, and if the company has no other legal right to keep the information.

You have the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority
Complaints are made to the country within EU/ESS where you are living, working or where a violation has occurred.

For how long do we save your information?

We will store your personal information for as long as they are needed to fulfill our commitments to you, our customer, and according to the consumer laws and accounting laws.

Your personal information is not used to any other purposes than listed above.

The website are using cookies

This website is using so-called cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the users computer. The cookie makes a better experience and website for you as a user, and gives us statistics of the use of The cookie does not contain any personal information and is totally safe for the user. On our domain there are used a so-called permanent cookie and a session cookie.

The first mentioned is used to measure the amount of pages shown to visitors statistics, and the second, the session cookie, is used to handle your choices on the website, for example when you add a product to the order cart. The session cookie disappears when you shut your browser, and ordinary cookies are saved for a time on your computer.

You can choose yourself if you want to accept cookies or not. Most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. I you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to place an order with us. If you need some help with your settings in your web browser, you can contact our customer service.


If you have any questions regarding how we handle your personal information, or if you want information about the safety precautions we have in use, you are at any time welcome to contact us by email at, or by phone at +35845  86 98 986.

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