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About the company

Our mission is to create longlasting christmas traditions, that brings the joy of christmas from one generation to the next, through high quality christmas ornaments.
The company Joulupallo Dahlvik Ab Oy are owned by the entrepreneur couple Annika and Daniel Dahlvik.

Joulupallo sells christmas ornaments to christmas lovers, both in Finland, as well as abroad.
Our vision is to create a possibility to create traditions, as a contrast to todays societys high speed living and throwaway culture. Christmas, with its long history, and the biggest holiday of the year, is some of the most traditional in todays society, and to each year bring out the ornaments you have collected throughout the years brings warm and fond memories alive from years before. And what is more traditional than the christmas tree, that has its given place in most homes around christmas.

We sell our products through our webshop and on christmas markets. We also have a seasonal shop in Kronoby, Finland.
Did you not find what you were looking for? You can always contact us regarding your wishes about what kind of ornaments we could have in our store, so we can keep that in mind while we expand our sortiment.

Our history

Everything started in the fall of 2014, when Annika and Daniels oldest daughter was born, and they wanted to find a special “baby´s first christmas” ornament for her.

Annika was surprised of how hard it was to find a high quality ornament (and she is actually still not today happy about the ornament they ended up buying, but it still is a part of their personal collection, as a reminder of the seed of thought that was planted in Annikas mind already then ), and the same thing was repeated in 2016, when their second daughter was born.

In 2019 the thought had developed into an idea to start painting christmas baubles herself. During these years following that, the demand for hand painted christmas baubles have been growing, and Annika noticed that many shared her wish to find special ornament to add to their own collections.

Before christmas 2021, when Annika was decorating their home, she found one of the familys own favourite decorations, a glass bird bought on a vacation to middle Europe a few years earlier. That bird reminds her of her childhood christmases, and specially the christmas tree at her grandparents house, that was filled with beautiful, delicate christmas ornaments, and close to the top there was always a couple of birds placed. In that same box, she had saved the manufacturer tag that came with the bird, and there she found the information needed. There and then the idea was born to develope the business, by selling also other manufacturers christmas ornaments.
The other familymembers also liked the idea, and encouraged her to contact the glassbird manufacturer in Germany. They got approved as retailers for their products, and so the adventure of building a new business started:
Joulupallo Dahlvik Ab Oy. om oss
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