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- Handpainted christmas baubles

The company story

The idea to make handpainted christmas tree baubles was born when Annika, the artist herself, was looking for unique christmas tree ornaments for her own collection, that by tradition had a new ornament added each year. Because the assortment was narrow, the idea to paint them herself was born.


The customers demand was expanded to also include baubles for the newborn babys first christmas, and personal and named christmas baubles for all ages.


Today Annika paints both her own designs, as well as custom orders. In the Joulupallo assortment you will find a selection of the designs painted by Annika. Most of the designs can also be personalized by adding a handpainted name or text to them.

Inge ́s christmas decors, Tyskland

The christmas ornaments, made out of glass, are made by experienced craftsmen in Bayern, Germany, that has for a long time been known world wide for their christmas tree ornaments.

Still today they are made traditionally, out of mouthblown glass, that are handpainted. You recognise Inge-glas ornaments by the star shaped top.

This company have its roots back to the 1500 century, and in 2 centuries they have made both traditional as well as modern christmas ornaments.

They have about 15 000 moulds saved, and new ones are made each year.

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