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The Christmas pickle – 3,5 cm


Is it time for a new christmas tradition? This tradition comes from Germany, where it has been for a long time. The small pickle are hidden in the christmas tree, and by the tradition all children can look for it (only by looking, hands behind your back!). The lucky one to find it is rewarded with a small gift.

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A long time ago the tradition with the pickle in the christmas tree came into beeing. Nobody knows when, why or by who, but one thing is for sure – this tradition still delights everyone today. This christmas pickle made by Inge-glas has been a bestseller for years at the Nuremberg christmas market, and now it is available also from our shop!

This playful tradition brings alive the spirit of gift giving, and are a joyful thing to do at christmas together with your family. Hidden between the branches of the christmas tree, the pickle hides and waits to be discovered by children in all ages. By tradition, the lucky one who finds the pickle is rewarded with a small gift. Did you not win this year? Don´t you worry, next year you will get a new chance!

The glass decorations are a handicraft from start to end, made out of mouthblown glass, that is also hand painted, and all the finishing details are added by hand. They come from Bayern in Germany, where they have been manufactured in several generations.

Orders are ready for shipping within 2-3 business days. If the order contains products with hand painted names on, the delivery time is 4-5 business days.

Manufacturer: Inge-glas Manufaktur, Germany
Product number: 10619S001
Color: Green and gold
Size: 3,5 cm


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The Christmas pickle – 3,5 cm

Availability: 5 in stock